Hytronik is a leading supplier of energy saving products & intelligent lighting controls. Products include microwave & PIR motion sensors, dimmable LED drivers, Bluetooth Mesh lighting controls, DALI drivers and sensors & LED emergency kit. Over 20 years expertise in the lighting industry.

Hytronik UK - PIR and microwave sensors and lighting controls

Hytronik UK head office
Hytronik UK HQ

Hytronik UK is a leading supplier of energy saving lighting control products. Established in Shenzhen in 2007, Hytronik has earned an enviable reputation for quality and innovative microwave presence detectors and motion sensors. Hytronik are a respected brand amongst OEM's for the supply of multi-function LED Drivers, motion sensors and Emergency LED drivers. Our product range includes microwave and PIR motion sensors, dimmable LED drivers, DALI drivers as well as LED emergency kit. With over 20 year’s expertise in the lighting industry and over 30% of total staff possessing technical and electronic backgrounds. We have been working closely with luminaire manufacturers, contractors, and other professionals to supply products and solutions to meet their various needs. We will continue to excel in the development of innovative and sustainable solutions for our customers.

Featured Products

  • HBTD8200
  • HBP01
  • HC005S/I
  • DALI Accessories
  • Sensor Heads
  • Control Bases
  • Hex-Drive

Dimmer With Bluetooth Wireless Technology

HBTD8200 Hytronik BlueTooth dimmer series
HBTD8200 BlueTooth dimmer series

Model: HBTD8200

  • 100mA broadcast DALI output (DT8) for up to 50 LED drivers per node.
  • 1-10V output control option - also can be used for on/off relay control
  • 150VA trailing edge output version.
  • Free smartphone (iOS and Android) App for set-up and commissioning
  • 2-input Switch-Dim with synchronisation for simple manual over-ride
  • Short circuit protection
  • Over-load protection
  • Permanent settings memory, protected against loss of power
  • 5 Year, 50,000hr warranty


The freedom of wireless mesh networks configured by smartphone Apps considerably changes the approach to connected lighting controls. Hytronik has designed such lighting controls using Bluetooth 4 wireless mesh technology to support the functional demands of most commercial and domestic applications:

      • Office / Commercial
      • Domestic / Residential

Technical Data:

Bluetooth Transceiver

  Operating frequency: 2.4GHz ~ 2.483 Hz
  Transmission power: 7dBm
  Range (Typical indoor): 15 ~ 30m
  Protocol: BLE 5 SIG Mesh

Safety and EMC (Common Data)

  EMC standard (EMC): EN55015, EN61547, EN62479, EN61000
  Safety standard (LVD): IEC/EN 61058, AS/NZS 61058
  Radio Equipment (RED): EN300 328, EN301 489, EN62479
  Certification: Semko, CB, CE, EMC, RED, RCM


  Operating temperature: Ta: -20°C ~ +50°C
  Case temperature (Max.): Tc: +75°C

  Storage temperature: -20°C ~ +50°C   

  Relative humidity: 20% ~ 90%
  IP rating: IP20
  Insulation: Class II

Input/Output Characteristics

  Mains voltage: 220 ~ 240VAC 50/60Hz
  Stand-by power: <0.5W

Load ratings

  HBTD8200V (/F): 300VA (capacitive), 400W (resistive)
  HBTD8200D (/F): 100mA, 16VDC (max. 50 devices)
  HBTD8200T (/F): 1~150VA (Capacitive)/1-150W (Resistive)
  HBTD8200S (/F): 300VA (Capacitive)/400W (Resistive)

DALI Accessories
Sensor Heads
Control Bases