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Hytronik is a leading supplier of energy saving lighting control products. Established in Shenzhen in 2007, Hytronik has earned an enviable reputation for quality and innovative radar presence detectors. Hytronik are now also a respected brand amongst OEM's for the supply of multi-function LED Drivers, motion sensors and Emergency LED drivers Our product range includes radar motion sensors, dimmable LED drivers, DALI drivers as well as LED emergency kit. With over 20 year’s expertise in the lighting industry and over 30% of total staff possessing technical and electronic background, we have been working closely with luminaire manufacturers, contractors, and other professionals to supply product and solutions to meet their varying needs, and will continue to excel in the development of innovative and sustainable solutions for our customers.

New Products

  • HC419VRC/DH
  • HC019V-I
  • HEM09H
  • HC403VRC-KD
  • HIM16
  • HIR24
  • HDP04
  • HC430S/R
Fixture built-in daylight harvest HC419VRC/DH
Fixture built-in daylight harvest

Model no.: HC419VRC/DH

  • Daylight harvest function
  • Dual daylight sensing technology
  • 8H manual on mode for LED lamp
  • Ambient daylight threshold
  • Zero-cross relay operation
  • User manual over-ride via push dim retractable type switch
  • One key commissioning for easy installation

Technical Data  

Operating voltage :   120-277VAC
Switched power:   Max. 400VA @120VAC, 1000VA @ 277VAC (capacitive)  Max. 700W @120VAC, 1600W @ 277VAC (resistive)
Standby power:   <0.8W
Warming-up time:   20s
Detection area:   50% /100% (10% /50% /75% /100% on RC)
Hold time:   5s /3min /10min/30min (TEST 2s /30s /1min /5min /10min /15min/20min/30min on RC)
Stand-by period:   0s/10s/1min/5min/10min/30min/1h/+∞
Stand-by dimming level:       10%/30% (10% /20% /30% /50% on RC)
Daylight threshold:       2~500Lux, disable, can be customised
Sensor principle:   Microwave motion detector
Microwave frequency:   5.8GHz+/-75MHz
Microwave power:   <0.2mW
Detection range:   Max. (ØxH): 12m x 6m
Detection angle:   30°~150°
Mounting height:   Max. 6m
Operating temperature:   -20°~+60° C
IP rating:   IP 20  IP65 (mounting in Hytronik special box)

: Fixture built-in daylight harvest HC419VRC/DH.pdf